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By October 17, 2013 Brandimage
Brandimage creates the new brand ‘Valor Solutions’, a young company for capital management, focused on  the promotion of Madeira Islands region. The company is affiliated with BSG and Madeira Fidúcia, and has already grown its offices all over the world.

The mission of the new brand was to expand the investment of its customers, it is to create value. Thus, Brandimage’s proposal for the brand was focused on the concept of added value, enhancing its presence in the new signature ‘ADD VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS’.

To illustrate its global presence and reinforce the value idea, it was created a symbol which sinthesizes a globe and a jewel through its circular composition and the representation of its chromatic lapse. The transparency induced by the several tones of blue and grey communicate modernity and memorability, which are essential for the brand to find its unique place in the market.

The communication role is very important, but the logotype is only one of the elements in a much bigger system. The logotype is a piece of all the environment that was created and prepared to communicate the brand and it is, or should be, a synthesis of the brand’s values and its customers’ expectations, though its communication capabilities do not go further than that.

For any person, the Brand Experience, the emotion one associates to the brand, pleasure or displeasure, passion or hate, it’s influenced by the sympathy or antipathy of the staff providing the service, for instance, at Starbucks, than it is for the mermaid or the seahorse in the logo.

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