Imaterial: The new project from Brandimage

By November 20, 2013 Branding, Case Studies
AImaterial was born with the mission to protect the authenticity of the local Portuguese culture, through the promotion driven towards tourism, material and non-material heritage from Portugal. The project was launched in Alentejo and Algarve regions during the first phase, nevertheless, its implementation study was designed to all national territory.

With the help of local artists, Imaterial developed a collection of value added cultural gifts, taking into consideration the social and environmental development. Therefore, Imaterial privileged the partnership with national suppliers and the use of endogenous materials, as cork material.

Brandimage choose the cork tree as the brand’s symbol, since it is the icon of the region. Considering its astonishing presence and longevity, the cork tree could also be integrated in the heritage promoted by Imaterial.

All the communication system was designed to distinguish Imaterial from the massive merchandising offer. The brand invested in product valuation, through the packaging presentation and by launching the product strategically in the market, targeting groups that value local heritage.

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