Movimento Transformers: 5 years later, one can see the good results.

By October 2, 2015 Brandimage

With their mission and values highly defined, this social responsibility movement core objective is to take advantage from the artist there is inside each person, working in particular with youngsters at risk of social exclusion, so that they get positively involved in the society. This community was created in 2010, and it’s growing every day! They’ve already came close to 7000 youngsters across the country.

At this time, Movimento Transformers is ready to step forward: their launching the T-Pack. The T-Pack is a resource package that the movement provides to the participants with logistic and methodological support, so that they can create a ‘Super Power’ school wherever it is necessary.

The new approach became more simple without separating the values and brand identity, maintaining the same aesthetic principles and values acquired from the hip-hop, graffiti and stencil culture: viral and handmade.

It was developed a new website completely focused on T-Pack, from which emerged also the creation of posters and other communication elements aimed for students. On top of this approach, all corporate communication elements were redesigned.

Brandimage is proud of the results obtained by Movimento Transformers, and also for being integrated in the project’s communication from the beginning.

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