Sulog is a professional training center highly recognized in Madeira Islands. Their most renowned area is new technologies.

Their communication problems were mainly the absence of brand awareness, along with their need to attract more trainees in middle management and freelancer professionals.

The repositioning brand strategy developed by Brandimage enhanced Sulog’s key success factor: advanced and certified training in new technologies field of expertise.

The communication concept defined for the rebranding was the specialized and certified training they are able to perform. This type of service adds value to the trainees, reinsuring Sulog as the reference-training center for new technologies.

The logotype and the identity reinforce the assumption of “personal upgrade”, by using recognizable symbols for new technologies users (button and hand). These symbols are associated to “updates” and “upgrades”. To complete the brand’s signature, “Upgrade Yourself”, establishes the benefits for the trainees.

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