Project ‘Música Tradicional’

By September 7, 2015 Brandimage

Brandimage created the brand for the Project ‘Música Tradicional’, a social responsibility project, aiming for East Timor, Cape Verde and S. Tomé e Príncipe markets.

The project ‘Música Tradicional’ was born to preserve and promote the cultural heritage, presenting it as the basis for social and economical development.
This Portuguese project, started by ‘Oficina Courela Associação’, aimed for East Timor, Cape Verde and S. Tomé e Príncipe markets, was faced with the lost of local cultural heritage, which was focused in elderly population who detain the ancestral knowledge. Hence, the cultural heritage was at risk to be extinguished.
Therefore, project ‘Música Tradicional’ acted in those countries in order to empower the acknowledgement of the local cultural routes, providing technical and human means for musical culture’s exposure and expansion through local research teams. The activities developed allowed the establishment of the musical repertoire for future generations, as well as the training for handcraft construction traditions of musical instruments.

The challenge for Brandimage was to find a language that was in line with the local reality of East Timor, Cape Verde and S. Tomé e Príncipe. Thus, it was essential in this project to find common identity codes in the different cultures of those countries, in order to standardize the communication through all its elements.

The identity developed was influenced by the elements for sound measure, representing the nature of the project: Music. This element was accompanied by images participants and their cultural environment as the brand’s identity codes.
The black and white images intend to enhance the emotional and dramatic weight in musical expression. The warm colours are associated to the raw materials used during the handcraft construction process of the instruments.

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